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A group coaching / mentorship program for ambitious wedding professionals

Elevate Mastermind

Elevate Mastermind is a year-long mentorship program with Taylor Petrinovich in a private group setting. Each week will consist of a live training where you will receive guidance & have ample opportunity to ask questions specific to your business.

As entrepreneurs who are hungry for success, we often binge-consume all the free educational content we can find on the internet. The problem: that content rarely leads to actionable steps & follow-through.

This program is designed to walk members through important topics at a speed that allows for action & follow-through before the next topic is discussed. 

what you need is a little bit of strategy & more mindset work...

What if I said you already have the skills you need to grow your business to 6 figures & beyond? 

Enrollment is open for my group coaching program!

Strategic work days

money Mindset On Point

confident in your next move

Overworked & hustling 

not earning at your potential

Burnt out, stuck & unmotivated


Go from

— Haley n.

"I just booked a high end client at my highest price ever! I'm super confident this wedding will really help me get to the next level...thank you, taylor!"

"My business has been elevated to levels I didn't even know were possible."

"I can not say enough good things about the Elevate Mastermind. I was always someone who never really thought about investing in an educational experience but when I found Taylor I was immediately drawn to her. She embodies community over competition and does not hold back on industry secrets to help us build our businesses. She genuinely cares about us and is rooting for us to succeed. My business has been elevated to levels I didn't even know were possible and I am forever grateful for that!" - Cassie Hiatt, Little Eye Film Co.

"We've increased our prices 3 times since joining!"

"Joining the Elevate Mastermind was the best possible decision I could make for my business. We've increased our prices 3 times since joining, have concrete goals and are actively taking steps to reach them. The ROI we've seen from educating ourselves through the Elevate Mastermind is insane. If you are taking growing your business seriously, signing up for Elevate Mastermind is definitely the step you need to take. " - Kevin Cochran, 718 Creative

"single best investment we could have possibly made"

"We credit the group and education we received here with helping us book at our highest rate ever…then again even higher several times over in the last couple months! We also made our yearly booking goals for the first time ever.

Simply put, Erin and I feel the Elevate Mastermind and time we spend interacting in the community have been the single best investment we could have possibly made in Tamarack Film Co. With the education and encouragement we’ve received we are certain we will be able to safely go full time within a year, and maintain our business for years.

Thank you Taylor, and thank you to all our friends in the group!" -  Chris W, Tamarack Film Co.

"I'm already seeing real growth and success" 

"Taylor's mastermind group is the growth catalyst my business and I desperately wanted and needed. She has a wealth of knowledge that she communicates effectively. Her mastermind is the reason I became confident enough to invest in myself and my business and I'm already seeing real growth and success."  - Hollie F., Candid Light Films

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Weekly Check-ins in our private Facebook group that will help you hold yourself accountable.

• Small Groups so you can form more intimate connections within the Mastermind. Relationships are keys to success.

Hot Seats - you will have the opportunity to join me live to ask questions & have your business evaluated in front of the group. This is optional!


Weekly Live Trainings that will guide you through the exact roadmap I took to elevate my own business.

• Reviews & Critiques of your business assets, including your website, pricing, and portfolio.

• 2 1:1 Coaching Calls with Taylor - 1 to start and another mid-way through so you can get individualized support. 

Weekly Office Hours - ask your questions and get support in a live setting each and every week.


What's included:

Topics We Will Cover:

Mastering Your Money Mindset

Building an Intentional Business

The Psychology of Pricing

Mastering the Sales Process

Designing a website that converts 

Identifying your Ideal Client 

You are your Brand

Crafting & Curating an Intentional Portfolio

Instagram Marketing

Building Meaningful Industry Relationships

Crafting an Intentional Client Experience

PR for Wedding Professionals




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Isn't it time you had a community of ambitious professionals in your corner?

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